We define the role of a coach as: Having the willingness to always learn, the passion to motivate others and the ability to teach movement to any individuals that pursue development through fitness.

Our job is to guide you towards achieving your fitness goals. Your goals may be geared towards recreational sports, keeping up with the kids, competitive sport or just being a healthier individual. Our program is designed to develop the 10 General Physical Skills:

  1. Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance: The ability of body systems to gather, process, and deliver oxygen.
  2. Stamina: The ability of body systems to process, deliver, store, and utilize energy.
  3. Strength: The ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units, to apply force.
  4. Flexibility: the ability to maximize the range of motion at a given joint
  5. Power: The ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units, to apply maximum force in minimum time.
  6. Speed: The ability to minimize the time cycle of a repeated movement.
  7. Coordination: The ability to combine several distinct movement patterns into a singular distinct movement.
  8. Agility: The ability to minimize transition time from one movement pattern to another.
  9. Balance: The ability to control the placement of the bodies center of gravity in relation to its support base.
  10. Accuracy: The ability to control movement in a given direction or at a given intensity.

Development of these skills requires a program of constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements. Varied means planned, not random. High intensity means focused not extreme everyday. Functional means a mixture of full body exercises, strength movements and bodyweight movements. All of these dynamics combined allow us to build a foundation based on proper mechanics. Through consistency in these movements we can then focus building intensity. Safety is an inherent part of the program because we can scale or advance any workout through repetitions, weight alteration or in modifying the exercise itself based on the needs of the individual athlete.

Join us for our Free Community workouts Saturdays at 9:00am, or contact us at info@bishopartscrossfit.com for drop in opportunities.